The Devil

Well, we know what she's got in her toolbox but what does Jay have in his
bag of tricks? This section is for the gigging musicians and the aspiring
musicians. I hope it helps or turns you on to something new or different.
Remember, music is nothing but chaotic emotion... Acoustically Speaking.


I play Ovation guitars.
My current three are named
Ava, Sayde and Liberty Belle.

Boss RC-3

The Boss RC-3 Loop Station. For recording and playback on the fly.

Boss FS-5U

The Boss FS-5U is simply a total stopping mechanism for the RC-3.

Vocalist Live3

I don't know what I did before the Vocalist Live 3 hit the stage. At last, some real sounding harmonies and no programming necessary.
(For idiots like me.)

Sennheiser e835

Honorable mention still goes to the industry standard, Shure's SM-58. However, the clarity from the Sennheiser e835 is just incredible.

Shure PSM200

Another piece of the puzzle that I have no idea how I survived over 20 years on stage without. The Shure PSM200 In Ear Monitor System.

Mackie FX8

The Mackie FX8 is a great small mixing board for any soloist, duo or even trio. It won me over by giving me better monitor control and by including on board effects.


The QSC K12.
There isn't much to say. It's
the best speaker out there.
I've never heard such clarity
from a 12". This is, hands
down, the best purchase
any musician can make.


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